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Lighting Floor Lamp

This is a great light weight lamp with an innovative design. The lamp is a great for spaces where wood isn't allowed and is also great for reading in bed or during the bath. The wooden fabric is also a great choice for an office home or home for a reading area.

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This is a great lighting floor lamp for a
bedroom or office. The three light system means that you can.
this is a great design for your home that will add a modern touch to your room. The sleek design has a investigate light in the front and a clear light in the back. It also has a comfortable base that can be easily reached for anyone. This lamp is perfect for the modern home.
this is a great light floor lamp for a modern kitchen or living room. The 4 tall floor lamp is made of modern fabric and has a stainless steel base. The light can reach small spaces in the room without shining into the room
news:can be used as a light floor lamp also.